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Can some1 please tell the music industry not every song over a 4 to floor beat has to be about shaking your ass!


snoop doogg and david guetta….5 years ago i would have never imagined this…snoop dogg the gangsta rapper from long beach officially releasing a dance remix of one of his songs….but u kno what I LIKE IT….now i kno alot of david guettas  original fan base may have some sort beef with the guy calling him a sell out or what ever but u got to give the guy respect…hes one of the most successful dance music producers at crossing over to the main stream….David really give this song a completely new life…the original, produced by The Cataracs, had a mellow laid back smooth vibe which was great too…but this may fit in more with whats on the radio right now…all in all  im really feeling what guetta brought to the table on this track